Ministries, Statesville, NC

The three primary church ministries that we offer in Statesville, NC are for men, women, and students.

Being a part of a ministry is something that every Christian has been commanded to do. When you minister to others, you fulfill your promise to express and spread your faith wherever you go. As a church, we fulfill this duty by supporting several church ministries in Statesville, North Carolina.


The three primary church ministries that we offer at Cornerstone Christian Academy are for men, women, and students. We also offer our Divine Destiny ministry. Through this ministry, we seek to help those who are feeling lost receive the strength and guidance they need to discover and follow God’s plan for them.

In order to accomplish this purpose, this particular ministry is comprised of two parts: lay counseling and life coaching. Our lay counselors are trained to walk alongside the Holy Spirit, so they can give hope and healing to those who need it. Each of our counselors must complete an intensive 10-week training program before they are permitted to minister and is required to participate in continual training.

Comparatively, our life coaches are trained to help others navigate their own personal path and discover what God has in store for them. If you wonder what your purpose is, have a goal you want to accomplish, or don’t know how to realize God’s plan for you, life coaching may benefit you.

We strongly believe that ministry is for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. If you would like to know more about our church ministries and what you can do to support them as an individual, please contact us today.