Praise and Worship, Statesville, NC

If you are looking for a place for Praise and Worship in Statesville, we welcome you to join our congregation.

Why is regular, committed Praise and Worship so important? The answer to this frequently asked question is: Because assembling together is a vital component of God’s plan for every Christian. The sad truth is that poor attendance at churches indicates that many so-called believers do not understand this important New Testament teaching.

Praise and worship service

We often hear reference to people as “fair weather Christians.” They are those who don’t go to church when it rains, or if church causes them any other inconvenience. Another sad truth is that if the full membership of a given church all showed up at one service, there would probably not be enough room to seat them.

So, is it important to attend Praise and Worship services here at Cornerstone Church in Statesville, North Carolina? “Yes” is the obvious answer because God commands you to be faithful in attending meetings at church. God says this in Hebrews 10:25. Get your Bible out and read it carefully.

As a believer, do you not want to have the closest possible relationship with the Lord? Jesus wants to have a close relationship with you by telling you to draw near to Him in faith. God has told you to holdfast your profession of faith in Jesus Christ. He solemnly commands all Christians: Do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. By this, it is clear He wants you to attend Praise and Worship regularly.