Assemblies of God, Statesville, NC

Visit us at Cornerstone Church in Statesville to learn more about Assemblies of God and how we worship Christ.

At Cornerstone Church, we are one of many Assemblies of God that believe the Bible is inspired by God. As such, we believe that our ministry is ordained by the Lord to uphold four primary purposes:

1.Evangelization of the World. At Cornerstone Church, we believe that we are called as evangelicals to bring those who have not heard the Word of God to His glory. We share the truths of the Bible willingly, and persistently work to grow in faith with those who share our passion for God’s teachings.

2.Worshiping God. Assemblies of God believe that worship is done with whole hearts and minds and in every action. By worshipping Him, we at Cornerstone Church are constantly working to become one with His likeness.

3.Building a Body that is Perfect in His Image. We believe that God has equipped us in His image to build up the body of Christ as we all reach unity in faith. Just as Jesus had the Saints and Apostles, we too are dedicated to the purpose of becoming perfect in His image.

4.Providing Ministries of Love and Compassion. By caring for those in our community, we can also share the truth of His love. This brings us closer to God and helps us share his message of salvation.

If you are interested in learning more about Assemblies of God, or if you would like to visit us at Cornerstone Church in Statesville, North Carolina, please attend one of our weekly services and connect with other members of our church. We look forward to sharing the love of God with you!