Assembly of God Church, Statesville, NC

The Assembly of God Church ministry focuses on church planting, missions and evangelism here in Statesville.

The Assembly of God Church traces back to a religious revival that began in the late 1800s and continued to the early 1900s. It was characterized by widespread experiences of spiritual manifestations, such as supernatural healing and speaking in tongues, which gave birth to the Pentecostal Movement. Here at Cornerstone Church in Statesville, North Carolina, we are part of the Assembly of God Church, and we want you to come and worship with us.

A famous figure in the history of the Pentecostal Movement and the Assembly of God Church was Charles Parham. His teachings had a profound influence on the doctrines of our faith. He founded the Apostolic Faith Church, which was the first Pentecostal church. He then started a Bible School in Kansas, where he taught the word of God. It was here that the baptism of the Holy Spirit was affirmed as a key factor in the faith.

In December 1900, he instructed his students to study the Bible to find evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Some weeks later, on January 1, the students concluded that the event was evidenced and expressed by speaking in tongues.

The revival spread quickly to Texas, Missouri, California, and beyond. A historic occasion occurred when believers from all over the world flocked to the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles for a 3-year revival meeting (1906 to 1909).

The Assembly of God Church ministry focuses on church planting, missions and evangelism. Join us for service on Sunday and revive your faith, connect with others around you, and learn what you can do to spread goodness in the world.