Want to Get More Out of Church? These Strategies are for You

Many Christians view church as a way to quickly fix their problems, rather than benefitting from its life-changing potential. If you feel like attending church has lost its appeal and you struggle with your faith, you can take steps to reignite your belief system, bond with other Christians, and come to enjoy worshipping with others.
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One of the best ways to start is to simply show up. Even if there are many other things you want to do, getting through the doors can be an accomplishment. Once you are there, make the most of the fact that you showed up by listening intently, talking to others in the congregation, and remaining mentally present throughout the service.

At the center of Christ’s work is the reality that every one of us must change. As you attend church, be open to changes you can make in your life to become a better person and a better Christian. After all, the purpose of this life is to become less like who we were yesterday and more like Him.

You may think that attending church once a week is enough, but if you want to get as much as possible out of your experience, you should do more than simply invest an hour or two every Sunday in addition to some volunteer work. You should also give to the ministry monetarily.

By getting in the right mindset and sacrificing your time and what you have been given, you will begin to see the blessings that come from attending church.