Tips for Introverts New to Attending Community Church

You are new to attending community church, and you are nervous about blending with others in the congregation, finding friends, and discovering new ways to serve, especially since you feel like your introverted personality can hold you back. Instead of letting this fear overcome you the next time you attend community church, here are just a few ways to get more out of your experience:
Community Church in Statesville, North Carolina

  • Bond with extroverts. Find someone who has an extroverted personality and introduce yourself to them. Chances are, they will be eager to tell you more about the community church you attend, and you can allow them to carry most of the conversation.
  • Be open and honest. When you meet someone new, they will likely ask you the age-old question, “How are you?” Let yourself be vulnerable in this situation and give others a glimpse into your current struggle. You may even want to ask the other person to talk more after the service.
  • Find a way to remember the names of others. After you are introduced to someone new, find a way to remember their name, whether you write it down, use a mnemonic device, or use another helpful strategy. Learning the names of others is an advantageous way to strike up conversation again on another Sunday and show you care.
  • Seek out newcomers. After you have attended your community church for a while, look for newcomers who need a friend. You may remember how it felt to attend church the first few times, so you probably already know how nice it is to have someone there for you.