Making Christian Worship a Priority Even When You're Not at Church

When you attend Christian worship, the messages you learn can transcend every aspect of your life if you let them. If you want to make Christian worship more than something you do every Sunday for a few hours and allow what you learn to enhance your daily life, here are just a few ways to worship throughout the week:
Christian Worship in Statesville, North Carolina

  • Recognize you need His love – First and foremost, you need to recognize your need for what He offers. Then, remember that everyone needs this love and grace, as well. Throughout your week, act with mercy when you interact with others and know that when you do so, you are acting in a state of Christian worship.
  • Serve Him through your works – Worshipping Him is more than just a state of mind. Every day, including Sunday, find ways to implement what you learned in Christian worship at work, with your family, and at other activities. Showing His love to others will greatly enhance your resolve and strengthen your faith.
  • Fill your mind with good. So often it is easy to get caught up in the messages, music, and advertisements you are bombarded with every day. Counteract these messages by filling your life with things that are uplifting and edifying. For instance, you might want to listen to Christian rock on your commute instead of the news report on the radio.

Above all, let your life become the way you participate in Christian worship. Whether you are sitting in church or at home, this is one of the best ways to exercise and grow your testimony.