About Cornerstone Church, Statesville, NC

We encourage you to join our congregation for service and learn what you can do to serve the people around you in Statesville.

Do you feel a strong connection with the Lord? Are you looking for a church that will make you feel like you belong and help you develop a closer relationship with God? If you love God, are dedicated to serving your fellow men, and are looking for a place to worship in the Statesville, North Carolina area, come and see us at Cornerstone Church.

Although our church offers educational options for students of all ages, our academy is founded on the principles that are taught at our church every week. As a new member of our congregation, we encourage you to do three things:

1. Attend at least one weekly worship service

2. Join a connect group to form relationships with others who attend our services

3. Use the gifts you have been given to serve those who attend our church and others in our community

We believe that if you do these three things, you will be better able to strengthen your relationship with God. Our motto is to “love God, love people, pass it on,” and we know that you will be spiritually and socially uplifted every time you attend service at our church in Statesville.

We hope you will consider bringing your family to our church in order to explore what our tightly-knit community has to offer. If you would like to know more about our service schedule, our ministries, or anything else, please feel free to direct your questions our way.